Center of Performing Arts &
Institute of Dance Therapy


              A Dance movement set to music pleases and calms the nerves and she enjoys the workout because she gets involved in the dance and the meaning it conveys. Dance therapy is not just a series of movements, but is a choreographed story. “ For instance, dance designed for pregnant is an interaction between Yashoda ( Symbol of mother) (This encourages the woman to accept motherhood and look forward to a beautiful loving child like Krishna, where psycho influence of dance therapy is established. And beautiful Krishna for butter and dance of Gopikas. The visual effects of dance inspirers emotion and helps to reduce stress.

             For easy movement of bowels dance steps are takeout of age old domestic chores they include the movements of Churning, drawing water from the well, pounding, grinding and other steps traditionally associated with women in the days gone back , now almost forgotten with the arrival of all those modern machine home appliances. A pregnant women needs exercise to keep her body & limbs supple and agile in order to ensure an easy labour. That’s what the Dance therapy intends.

 Dance therapy keeps body supple and it releases not only tension but also make all the stages to pregnancy and labour easy smooth and helps to return to pre-pregnancy figure  and fitness faster. Dance therapy gives a person comprehensive exercise it strengthens heart, lungs, circulatory system and burn calories, lower the level of FAT WEIGHT, CHOLESTEROL. Dance therapy is a holistic approach to ensure good health to the mother-to-be and if it is practiced on a regular basis, the therapy could ensure a considerable increase in the number of normal child birth in those patients who are medically fit. DANCE THERAPY STRENGTHS MUSCLES OF BACK, WAIST ABDOMEN, PELVIC FLOOR AND RELIEVE BACK ACHE. Dance therapy strengthens the back to bear the additional weight. Dance therapy improves muscle tone and flexibility, result in easier child birth. Dance therapy  keeps pregnant woman more cheerful and less  stress. Sitting on toes prevents constipation. Dance therapy improves lactation capacity dancing while pregnant helps give birth to healthy babies. Dance therapy avoids depression during pregnancy.

Dr. Rajeshwari Shekhar, Kalasa maternity home, Bangalore states ( Deccan Herald 21/09/2002) the steps that Satyanarayana has choreographed are very gentle on both the body and mind and are definitely likely to benefit pregnant woman.

 Dr. Ranjana Dhanu , Joeslok Hospital, Mumbai mentions ( Asian Age 23.02.2003 Mumbai) and SAVVY SEPTEMBER 2003 “This Dance therapy plays the role of alternative medicine for the pregnant woman who needs to be involved in certain exercise to avoid complications”.

1. Start Dance Therapy after Pregnancy is confirmed. 
2. Not to overdo during the
initial and or later stages of pregnancy. 
3. Start with 5 minutes extend up to 20 minutes everyday stop before you get tire.

 CARE: 1. Dance Therapy is not advised to those who are with high B.P., Heart Problem, pregnancy related problems and for whom bed rest is advised.2. Consult your doctor before taking dance therapy.