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Institute of Dance Therapy

A.V.SATYANARAYANA: Director, SHRISTI  Institute of  Dance Therapy

          Is Bharath Nattaym, Kathak and Neo Classical Dancer and Choreographer for last 35 years. He had his training in Bharatha Nattyam with Smt. B.R. Alamelu and Smt. Padmini Rao and Kathak from Smt. Maya Rao and trained in Chao Dance, Mainpuri Martial Art and Creative Dance and performed with Ballet Troupe of Smt. Maya Rao at India International Trade Fair, New Delhi, Nehru Centre, Bombay, Karnataka Festival at Bhubaneswara, Pattadakallu and Hampi Festival. With his troupe at Nandi Festival, Rotary International, Swaran Bharathi (National Festival of Music & Dance), Karnataka Association Calcutta, at Singapore & Dhaka.

           His own concept of Dance called “ NRITYA NAVODAYA” i.e., simplicity in Costume and Rejoice in Rhythm and “ FREE MOVEMENT”, (1) CHETANA PRAKRUTHI SHARANAGATHI,    (2) NITTAYA SATYA NRITYA PURANDARA, (3) NITTYA SATYA SHARANA SAHITYA,       (4) TRIBUTES TO KUVEMPU, are popular ballets.

            First time in India an innovation of DANCE THERAPY  based on Indian Classical and Flok dance forms to control DIABETS, ARTHRITIS, STRESS, HYPERTENSION, DEPRESSION, OBESITY AND FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. He has conducted more than 53 Workshops in Bangalore, Davanageri, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkotta,  Singapore & Dhaka. More than 500 attended his workshop and got relief. For his innovation and research in the field of Dance the leading National Newspapers and Channels like BBC, Star News, Zee news, Indian National T.V and all Bangalore local channels focused.

 He has presented the paper on DANCE THERAPY at

  1. STATE LEVEL CONFERENCE at Bangalore 2001

  2. National Conference at Cochi – 2001

  3. All India Conference at Vijayawada – 2002

  4. All Indian Congress of Obestrics and Gynecology, Bangalore – 2003 ( 6 – 9 Jan)

  5. All Indian Congress of Obestrics and Gynecology, Agra – 2004

  6. 4th Singapore Congress Obestrics and Gynecology, Singapore 2003 ( 16 – 20 Jan)

  7. First International Perinetal Congress at Dhaka 2003 ( 1 -2 Feb)

  8. South Asian Federation of Obestrics and Gynecology conference at Mumbai 2003\

  9. World Conference of Holistic Medicine , Bangalore – 2003  

  10. World Conference of Holistic Medicine , Hyderabad – 2004 

  11.  International conference of Yoga and Naturapati ( Jindal, Bangalore – 2003) 

  12. International Yoga conference – (Jigani )– Bangalore - 2003

            He has been conferred with ‘ ATHMASEVA” NATIONAL AWARD  at All India Conference at Vijayawada 2003 for his contribution through Dance therapy in the field of alternative medicine 


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